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About The Allergy Chef

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I’m The Allergy Chef. I have a severe chemical allergy, and you know it’s me because of the mask I wear. I have severe food allergies, and can’t eat the food that I cook. Visit our Youtube Channel to watch an interview where we talk about the mask in great detail, cooking, and more.

In our house of many, just about everyone has a food allergy. Click here to read our full story on our main business site, Free and Friendly Foods.

Now for the fun. LEGO! I mean really, who doesn’t love LEGO. I got my first LEGO set 4 months after turning 5. I know, that’s pretty specific. Well, my dad died right after I turned 5, and that Christmas, my kindergarten class adopted me, and got me some seriously awesome gifts. The best one was a huge tub of LEGO. It was tall and red… The stuff dreams are made of. It was all bricks from there.

Over time, I amassed quite the collection, then, like many other kids with LEGO, I gave them away. I donated mine to a special needs program, some Toys for Tots one Christmas, and to a church preschool. At the time, I knew I had done something good. I also kept a few for myself. Years later, we wandered into a LEGO store, and boom! I had to have them all. My excuse of course was that they were for the kids.

Well, in our case, they really were for the kids. When you have kids with learning problems, LEGO simply makes life better for them. I could go on for hours about all of the amazing academic and social breakthroughs LEGO helped our kids achieve, but I don’t want to be here all day, and neither do you if I had to guess. Well, I think that’s all there really is to know about me. And I sleep with socks on. Some people say that makes me weird. I disagree, obviously. Want the in-depth story of The Allergy Chef and family? Read more about us here.

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