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Product Review – CoYo Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

I thought it would be good to have the kids try this, even though only one of them is dairy free. The Papa is allergic to coconut, and was unable to weigh in. Here’s what I learned:

Kid Two (dairy allergic and more) – Not his favorite. He prefers the So Delicious yogurt. He wasn’t a fan of the texture.

Kid Three (low/no sugar) – He thought it was OK. Not his favorite when compared to dairy based yogurt, but not bad either.

Kid Four (no allergies) – Gobbled it up. She said that the fruit made it taste “worse” but stand alone, she simply loved it.

Kid Six (no allergies) – She said that it wasn’t bad. It’s much thicker than a traditional yogurt and takes some getting use to. If this is your only option, it’s not bad at all. With added toppings, she could see this being rather tasty.

I personally tried this product once quite some time ago. I’m not allergic to coconut, but was unable to tolerate this product. I only had a spoonful. I won’t give my opinion, as I don’t feel it’s a fair review. This was not a paid or sponsored review. This is the honest opinion from a food allergy family. If you’re a coconut fan, I get the feeling you’d find this to be enjoyable. Just remember, it’s quite thick. I can also see this being a great replacement for coconut milk in a dish, or as part of a cream sauce.

CoYo Product Review by The Allergy Chef

Free and Friendly Foods Annie's Organic Cinnamon Rolls Review

Annie’s Organic Cinnamon Rolls Review

A while back, we posted Immaculate Organic Crescent Cinnamon Rolls & Chocolate Honey Rolls. However, after finding their new organic line, I was out and about one day, and found these! Guess where??? Target! Interestingly, this isn’t at Whole Foods, or the Co-Ops I’ve been to. Although Immaculate has switched over to organic, I still had to give these a go. Remember, not everyone in the house is allergic to wheat. As usual, we weren’t paid for this review, or offered any free product.

Allergy Status: Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Vegan Read More

Free and Friendly Foods Crouton Review

Natural Nectar Sea Salt Crouton Review

If you’re allergic to corn, keep on scrolling. This review isn’t for you. In fact, I made the kids handle these with the utmost care because of the corn starch in it. I Didn’t need to have a corn bomb going off in the house…

Now that I’ve got my corn grumbles out of the way, on to the very positive review. The kids really enjoyed these, but I found their reasoning to be somewhat hilarious. Also, we were not paid for this review, or given the product for free. Read More

Free and Friendly Foods Organic Crescent Cinnamon & Chocolate Rolls

Organic Cinnamon Rolls & Dark Chocolate Honey Crescent Rolls

Warning: Contains Wheat. Phew. Now that we have that out of the way, it’s story time. Did you know there are several people in the house that can have wheat? I feel bad for them sometimes because of the process of how I do things, they “miss out” on foods they would like to have, such as cinnamon rolls. I try to tell myself they’re only missing sugar and fat, so it’s not a big deal… but it is. I say that as a reminder for those of you in a mixed allergen household, every so often, if it’s safe, allow everyone to have a treat that’s OK for them. In the case of this snack, mister low/no sugar had to have the smallest one (which I made for him). Kid Two had an ice cream treat instead. For as hard as you will strive to make everyone happy on the same diet, let’s be honest, it’s a tall order.

With that in mind, it’s not very often that I buy crescent rolls anymore, as I haven’t been able to find something similar for our kid that’s allergic to wheat. Well, that and I haven’t mastered using yeast yet. I’m also not in the business of torturing children, and making them watch someone else eat something they can’t have. Let’s be honest, a lot of people would be willing to risk an allergic reaction for delicious cinnamon rolls.

Yet, with all of that, there’s one even BIGGER reason I bought these. They’re organic now!!! Previously, this brand was an all natural brand. Now, it’s officially organic, and that gives me a lot of hope for using them for those that can have wheat, especially Kid Three who has to avoid additives, etc. I will not however give up on trying to make yeast work for us. I think it would be a great addition to the things we make.

Allergy Status: Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Vegan
I get the feeling these are made in a shared facility because it says “may contain traces of milk” on the label. If you have a dairy allergy, please contact the company first so you can assess if these are safe for you. Read More

Simple Mills Paleo Cheddar Cracker Review

Once again, this was another product that I didn’t think to buy, until I remembered that I’m The Alergy Chef, and you guys need to know what tastes good. Hehe. Yes, I know, it’s silly to forget who I am. Full disclosure  – we weren’t given this product or paid for this honest review. I bought these at the store, like a normal person.

So, only some people in the house were able to sample and review these for you. Let’s start with Kid Three, mister low/no sugar. I tried to make this uper official for him. He started by opening the bag and said “Mmm. They smell interesting.” He then took a closer sniff, then licked one. He says they don’t taste like anything when you lick them. Kid Two chimed in and said they look like wheat thins.

Then there was the first bite. Kid Three reported that they were pretty crunchy like wheat thins, but that they taste kinda funny. “They taste like they’re a little burnt. If I were to compare these to Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies, I’d pick those, because I like them better. I don’t really like these.” WOAH. I was shocked. I thought for sure he would love these because he loves crackers, and he loves cheese. It’s a good thing I kinda didn’t believe him…

When the others got home, I had someone else try, and they instantly said that they taste good, like a cheese-it, but different. Then The Papa tried one, and said, “I don’t know why Kid Three doesn’t like them. They taste good.” So get this! Kid Three is watching the whole thing go down, and says he should try again, and that he likes them this time.

I’m sure it was the peer pressure that got to Kid Three. However, The Papa liked them, and the other person (who likes processed food) enjoyed them too. That, to me, is the sign of a great product. When people who are use to overly processed foods give you the thumbs up, you’ve done well.

If I could personally eat these, I’m sure I’d agree with The Papa. Here’s what I like: when they’re on sale, it’s a good price. It’s Paleo, which is way cool. It’s a cracker!! That’s Paleo!!! That gives it a huge thumbs up in my book. The ingredients aren’t trashy, and there are only a few of them in the first place. As a brand, I’ve been pleased with what Simple Mills is trying to accomplish. I truly look forward to seeing the demand increase, so that hopefully the price can go down a bit. The next time you’re at the store, give them a try. They come in other flavors too.

Free and Friendly Foods Simple Mills Review

Free and Friendly Foods Enjoy Life Mufin Review

Enjoy Life Muffin Review

Have you seen these in a store near you lately? I was in the City a few months ago and saw these, read the ingredients, and was very pleased because it wasn’t full of junk. However, I didn’t feel compelled to purchase it since we already have a go-to recipe of our own. Time goes by, and it hits me. Duh! You’re The Allergy Chef. You owe it to the internet to buy this and make the kids eat it so you can write about it on the blog. So, that’s why we’re here today. Full disclosure: We weren’t paid or given this product in exchange for a review. However, it was on sale at the store, if that counts for anything. (yes, still working on my comedy routine)

Allergy Status: Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Vegan

In addition to the muffin mix, I also used this as an opportunity to use their mega chunk chocolate chips. In general, I don’t use these  often, as the kids seem just happy with the mini chocolate chips that Enjoy Life makes. Read More

Free and Friendly Foods Tolerant Pasta Review

Tolerant Green Lentil Pasta Review

Nope. I’ll start with that. Now, since we’re still using the induction cook top, I’m going to give Tolerant a little benefit of the doubt, and think that maybe I did something a bit wrong when cooking these. However, I did follow the instructions. Nope. That’s the word of the post. Their other products have all worked really well for us, but nope. These had a strange smell, everyone said they tasted funny, and as you’ll see in the photos, they didn’t cook up very well. I was able to save them a little bit with some seasonings, however, the only reason they were eaten was because, waste not want not. Read More

Free and Friendly Foods Brevel Food Processor

Breville Sous Chef Review

We have taken the plunge and purchased a Breville Sous Chef! Well, we did it a while back, but I’m getting around to posting the review now. You know how that goes… I’ll give you the bottom line first: IT’S AWESOME EPIC AMAZING AND ALL OTHER GOOD THINGS!!! Read More

Cookie Review

Have you heard of New Leaf Grocery? If you live in the SF Bay Area, it’s in Half Moon Bay. It’s a small Mecca for those of us with food allergies. You can find a lot of options there, including Paleo. I purchased these for everyone to try, and here’s what we’ve decided:

Bakeology Sinckerdoodle Cookies

Kid Two says these remind him of sand. They stay together in your hand, but not in your mouth. They don’t have consistent coloring and the flavor can change a bit from cookie to cookie, but they’re not bad. They’re crunchy, and he seems to like them. He didn’t love them though. Read More

Free and Friendly Foods Justin's Product Review

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Product Review

As you may (or may not know) Kid Three can’t have much cane sugar, and eats as organic as possible. He can’t handle chemicals, colorings, and pesticides. So, to my surprise, I saw this great little product at the store, and thought of Kid Three. He was very happy to give this a try. So, here are our notes, and official review. Full disclosure: we were NOT paid for this, and I did not eat it, but am rewriting what Kid Three told me. 🙂

Allergy Status: Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Vegan Read More

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