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Don’t Eat the Peas!

So, a while back, I really wanted some peas. I like peas and rice. So, after shopping for a bit, I found what I thought was corn free peas. I read the label, and it all looked good. In fact, it was simply organic peas, no added salt, etc. After eating the peas, I convinced myself that something else gave me the headache…

After eating them again, I thought, it had to be the beans. Alas, after several tries, I gave up. Then, what struck me as funny was a finding I made online where another corn allergy poster said he had an issue with the peas too. So this is me warning you, tread lightly.

So, Columbia River organic peas are the ones to avoid. If you or someone you love feel that you have had a reaction, well, don’t eat them. I can tell you that I’ve since learned that SnoPac Organic Peas seem to be good for people that are corn free.

Columbia River Peas
Columbia River Organic Peas

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