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Homemade Maple Almond Butter Recipe

Free and Friendly Foods Homemade Maple Almond Butter

Do you remember the review that Kid Three helped write? Justin’s Almond Butter review… Well, as I mentioned, it’s pricey when you have a house full of kids to feed. To combat rising prices, we make single servings of almond butter (and peanut butter) for the kids. Kid Three can’t have peanut butter, but the others can. Gotta love our House of Allergies. In the post I mentioned sharing our recipe, and I’ve finally had a chance, so here it is. Enjoy!

Allergy Status: Wheat/Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free, Corn Free, Cane/Refined Sugar Free, Sesame Free, Legume Free, Nightshade Free, Diabetic Friendly, Paleo, GAPs, Vegan, SCD Compatible

For Corn Free: Source safe ingredients. You may need to start with the almonds and make your own almond butter too. The NutraMilk would be super handy for this.
For SCD: Use an alternative sweetener such as honey or date syrup.

16 ounce jar Creamy Almond Butter
12 tsp Organic Maple Butter
1 tsp Sea Salt
1/2 tsp Organic Raw Ground Vanilla

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Ingredient Notes:
You could totally use this as a base ratio to create your own nut and seed butters. This works really well with cashew, hazelnut, sunflower, peanut, soy, and a few others. With the sweetener, you can also use honey or date syrup. A granulated sweetener is not suggested, as the liquid keeps your mix nice and creamy. Ground vanilla can also be exchanged for extract.

Mix everything together well with a fork. That’s it. I know. Simple, effective, delicious, and kid approved. Don’t tell Justin, but Kid Three likes this mix better. To each his own. We estimated that the cost was $15 for a total of 18 ounces. We ended up with 25 perfect little servings for him. What more could you ask for? I suppose you could ask for pictures!

Free and Friendly Foods Homemade Maple Almond Butter

Free and Friendly Foods Homemade Maple Almond Butter

Free and Friendly Foods Homemade Maple Almond Butter

Free and Friendly Foods Homemade Maple Almond Butter

Free and Friendly Foods Homemade Maple Almond Butter

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