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I Have a Confession to Make… The Cake is a Lie

Hello Kitty Cake by The Allergy Chef

OK, well not a complete lie. I feel like the incident is far enough in the past that I can come clean now. It all started with a small birthday party for Kid Four. You have to know, we do this thing where they get a party with family only (a big lunch here at the house) and then on certain years, they get to have friends over. This was one of those years.

I already had to deal with things being Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, and Low Sugar. However, Nut Free had to be added because of two of the guests. I was a bit at a loss with all of the different needs, and gave Kid Two the option of: do you want the Hello Kitty Cake to be safe for you, or do you want your own cake off to the side? See, I already had to make a cake for the family lunch, then another for the friend party, and then another for Kid Two. That’s when we decided two cakes only. You have to understand, this came at a time when we were transitioning to different cake mixes based on our needs, and for whatever reason, it wasn’t easy this time around.

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On to the confession. The whiskers are pasta. There. I’ve told the truth. As you may know, when dealing with all natural food colours, nothing is ever as it should be. You can’t get black. You get funny gray, and I didn’t want to ruin the cake. As you can see, I was able to leave a hole where the black eyes should be, and tried to pass chocolate cake off as black frosting. Ohhhh but the whiskers. I shared with a family member that I was thinking about using black bean noodles on the cake, and she was like, go for it! Since I had a partner in crime at that point, I did.

OK, so what’s the lesson learned? No one seemed to care. None of the kids rejected the cake because there were black bean noodles on it. In fact, I don’t think anyone noticed, and I would have gotten away with it if weren’t for my guilty conscience leading me to this online confession. Yes, this is one of those times that I’m cracking myself up.

The real reason for all of this is to simply say, no matter what food you put together out of love for your child, no matter what your dietary restrictions may be, it’s awesome, and people will thank you for it. It’s OK if it isn’t like a store-bought cake because it’s safe for your family and you gave it your all. So cook, bake, steam, or whatever else you need to do to make something awesome 🙂

Free and Friendly Foods Gluten Free Dairy Free Egg Free Chocolate Cake
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

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