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I Know I’m Late to The LEGO Party, but…

Have you heard all of the amazing news that’s been coming from LEGO lately?

First off, let me give you the details about the new store that’s coming to the Bay Area.

Westfield San Francisco Centre
August 26 – 28
11am – 6pm
835 Market St, San Francisco

Help a real LEGO Master Builder construct a huge model of Jay from LEGO Ninjago. You’ll receive a certificate of achievement for helping us build!

Be one of the first 400 customers each day to make a qualifying purchase and you will receive one of these exclusive gifts:

Friday, August 26: FREE LEGO Backpack with a purchase of $50 or more
Saturday, August 27: FREE Limited-Edition LEGO Store Set with a purchase of $99 or more
Sunday, August 28: FREE Exclusive LEGO Minifigure Set with a purchase of $50 or more

Offers valid while supplies last only at the LEGO Store at San Francisco Centre. Limit one per customer.

My dear friends, you will see me there on Saturday. Yes, I will be there early before the store opens. I WILL get my set this time!

If that’s not enough, LEGO has announced the new Disney Castle Set. It’s priced at $349, and will be out in September. Personally, I’m not sure how to feel about this one. I watched the designer interview, and the castle is quite tall. This makes me question where and how to display it. The rooms look great for play, but for a set like this, am I really going to let the kids play with it? It’s only a half set, similar to the Tower of Orthanac from Lord of the Rings. I had always dreamed of buying two to  make it complete, but alas, I only have one. Interestingly, I did opt to not purchase a second after building the first because there were certain parts that wouldn’t have come together all that well, and there were other sets that I was more interested in.

Back to the castle. So, it’s HUGE. It’s also pricey. It’s also only half of a model. However, have you seen the figures that come with it??? I didn’t get in on the Disney Minifigures since we were getting ready for the Maker Faire. I also figured I’d just Brinklink whatever I had missed out on, which wasn’t much since I’m not a huge Disney fan in general. In fact, I’m a bit upset that Disney keeps buying all of the good franchises out there to create one massive monopoly. I am seriously digressing.

The castle. To buy or not to buy… That is the question. Yes, buy. But! Wait until it’s double VIP points in October. Then buy. You should see my shopping list. It’s rather sad. I want to get the Simpson’s House & Kwike Mart (to make them into modular buildings) Ghostbusters HQ, the Bank, the Spiderman Bridge (2 of them), the Ghostbusters Cars (both), Red Hulk vs. Green Hulk, and of course, the Micro Fighters. See what I mean… so sad…

Finally, in what’s news to me, LEGO liked one of my tweets. It was the highlight of my day when it happened. I realize that they’re very kind to all of their fans, but it’s so cool to know that what we think matters to them. It’s one of the many reasons they have such amazing brand loyalty.

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