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Just Been Diagnosed With a Corn Allergy?

So, you’ve just been diagnosed? Let me start with a web hug. To be honest, I’m sure you’ll need more than just that one. Being diagnosed with a corn allergy or intolerance is insane. There are a few key resources that helped me endure, and I want to share those with you.

Update: This article was written long ago, and since then, we have developed several new and exciting resources to help the corn free community:

If you have more than one allergy like me, hopefully this site will help you succeed in the day to day kitchen drama. If this is all new and overwhelming to you, take a deep breath. In the American culture, and even in many others, everything revolves around food. If you are only having a problem with actual kernels of corn, then it’s not so bad, I promise. However, if you are allergic/intolerant to corn and all of its derivatives, then I so know what you’re going through.

I have to say, day one was the hardest for me. Actually, I think it was day three, when I went to the grocery store. I had a list in my hand of everything I couldn’t have, and well, there wasn’t much else to buy. With multiple allergies, you won’t be able to find regular alternatives that meet your needs. This is where I would like to be your friend in the kitchen, and help you one post at a time.

This is a link to what I call “The corn lady” and when you see her list of things to avoid, you may start calling her that too. This is THE BEST list I have found. She is only allergic to corn however, so in the area where she lists what’s in her pantry, there may be a lot of things you can’t have.

This is another site that I like going to. They keep a running list, and update it as well.

Beyond that, be aggressive with your online searches. If you have a question about a specific company, call them. Take into account how they speak to you as well. I once called a company, and the guy on the phone was giving me major attitude, so I decided not to buy what I needed from them and kept looking instead.

If you’re going to the dentist, ask them to use Carbocane on you. It’s supposed to be corn free.

If you need medicine from the doctor, you will need to talk to them about possibly creating a special compound form of the medicine. Be sure to know what the active, and inactive ingredients are.

When picking produce, go for un-waxed items, and try to stay organic. Personally, I have a hyper sensitive system, so organic is the only option. You will have to make a decision on this, depending on your personal reactions.

No two people react the same, to the same things. If you ever thing you’re having a reaction, you’re not crazy. Trust your gut. Be sure to keep a food journal of what you’re eating, and any symptoms you may feel, even if it’s minor. Through food journaling, I’ve been able to eliminate many products that were “corn free” from my diet. One last resource that I want to share is

Their forum is amazing. You can ask all sorts of questions for you or your children. Good luck to you.

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