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LEGO Review – 41071 Elves Aira’s Creative Workshop

LEGO Elves Set Review by The Allergy Chef

To harvest or not to harvest. That is the question. I got this set only because of the pieces. When I was in the store, I saw the scissors… then the ruler… then the golden wings, and the decorative pieces, and well, I simply NEEDED this set. Some of you out there know exactly what I mean with that capital need. Sure, we need food, water, and gas; but there’s also a need for sets and pieces like these. I did think about Bricklinking it, but they were all together in a neat little package.

When it came time to open the box, I was filled with joy from the sight of the scissors. I have no idea why. The ruler looks much cooler on the box. It’s a little less impressive in person. The hair is a nice addition to the collection. I sent a good amount of pieces to the “upstairs collection” whilst retaining my favorites for the “downstairs collection” hehe. I did think about building the set first, but I was feeling too lazy to take it all apart afterwards.

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So, what are my thoughts about the set? If you have a daughter, I think the Elves line is cute for her. It’s not to say that a boy can’t enjoy this set, because trust me, he can. I just think of girls first since LEGO went with the doll style figure instead of the traditional minifigure style. If you’re into part harvesting, be sure to get this set. It’s just too cool. That’s really my bottom line: It’s just too cool.

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Aira's Workshop
The box art is a little misleading…
Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Aira's Workshop
The wonderful pieces that were hand selected to stay in the prized downstairs collection.


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