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LEGO Review – 60033 City Arctic Ice Crawler

LEGO Artic Ice Crawler Review by The Allergy Chef

I had no idea I could love a little LEGO truck this much! I didn’t even resent the stickers this time around. I probably should have read the box a little closer, only 113 pieces. I think this set was so nice because it was a small thoughtful gift, making it that much more fun to build. When looking at the box, I thought the final product would be much larger, mainly in length. Although I was a bit surprised by it’s size, it changed my perspective from “cool truck” to “cute truck,” like, a baby, but in a good way.

I did a slight deviation from the instructions. Rather than have the ice pick on the  driver’s side, I opted to put on the extra long black stick. I felt it gave the truck a baby-Kenworth look, which made it better in my opinion. I then took the ice pick (and the extra one they give you) and added them to the front of the vehicle. They’re hanging inside the front piece, and connected in no way. Even though it’s not a legal connection, I still like the modification.

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The build itself was nice in that it was quick. I had work planned for the day, and then got this little surprise, so I wanted to build it. Given the size of the box, I thought it would take longer, but it didn’t, and that made me quite happy.

The bed of the truck would be the most interesting and creative part of the build. The use of sideways building pieces and small slopes makes it seem more complex. I was quite surprised to see the new (to me) piece that’s used for the back of the cab. It’s almost like a door frame, but not. It’s essentials a sideways door frame but with studs on the right and left and a smooth “non-frame” top. Now I just have to think of a few good reasons to order this on Bricklink because it has so much potential.

If you’re collecting the ice city sets, this is a must have. Even if you never get the big set in this series, get the little ones. They’re proving to be SO worth it.

Happy Building!

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Arctic Ice Crawler
The cool door-frame-like piece.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Arctic Ice Crawler
Getting ready to explore!


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Arctic Ice Crawler
A view of the back.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Arctic Ice Crawler
I just really like this set.

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