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LEGO Review – 70817 Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack

Super Angry Kitty LEGO Review by The Allergy Chef

Before buying this set, I had it in mind for quite a long time. Each time I went to the local LEGO store, they were all out. I finally scored one. Truth be told, I really just wanted to collect all of the Kitties. However, I am a little “bummed” that I had to purchase Astro Kitty. I just don’t like the spaceship…

At only 115 pieces, this set is a very quick build, but for the figures, it’s a great price. The build itself isn’t complicated, but what’s nice are the little missiles in the front of the villain, and its top that pops off. It’s a nice amount of play-ability, especially for children. I am quite pleased having yet another Kitty to add to the collection. I am a bit overwhelmed however by the number of Batman Figs I now have. This makes at least number 9. In fact, I know there are more lurking around somewhere.

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I know there are some fans out there that like to collect everything in a particular series, and I’m sure that has lead many adults to purchase the set. If you’re not one of these people, save up for something better. The micro-manager is cool, but not really a necessity. Bottom-line: if you want an Angry Kitty, get this set.

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Angry Kitty
Getting ready to build this prized set.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Angry Kitty
Seriously, don’t get in this Kitty’s way.

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