Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening

LEGO Store Grand Opening in SF

August 28th. It was the day I had looked forward to for ages. No really. Story time! Several years ago, we went to Stone Ridge Mall on the other side of the Bay. It may have been the grand opening. There was a Master Builder event. They were offering items, but we didn’t get anything. I’ll never know if I could have gotten a LEGO store that day. Fast forward to present day, and I learned about the San Francisco store that was opening. I HAD to have a LEGO store set. I didn’t want it. I NEEDED it. I will say however, that the set they use to give out was a bit cooler. This one, I love it, but I may make a few changes to it.

This was a three-day event. The Papa took the kids on Friday after school. If they had spent $50, they could have gotten a LEGO backpack, but we weren’t interested in that. They did participate in the LEGO Master Builder event. It was fun, and they got their certificates. Sadly, In all the excitement of Saturday, I totally forgot to take pictures of the builder event, as it was up two floors from the store itself. On to my portion from Saturday.

OK. Interesting tid bits. I got to the city around 8:30, but had to find parking. The Papa tried to tell me where to park, but I got a bit lost and turned around, and ended up parking a few blocks away. Oh well. I hiked to the store, went down to the BART entrance like he told me, and I didn’t see a way in the store… strange… So I go to the outside entrance of the mall, and there it is, calling me closer. A line that wrapped around the building. I had found what I was looking for. By the time they opened the doors at 10, it was crazy long, like, double or triple in size. There were security guards at the entrance of the mall stopping each person: are you here to shop, or to go to the LEGO store? If it was the latter, it was back of the line buddy. It took several hours to get into the store. I made the mistake of taking my laptop thinking I would be able to sit and get some work done. Nope.

A lot of people were asking what the line was for, and a guy 2 people behind me was “nominated” to be the spokes person. He was good at projecting his voice and letting people know what’s up. The two people in front of me were interesting too. A third person joined their group, then went down to the “other” entrance, and may have even gotten into the store before us. Oh well. The three people behind me were really nice. It was two ladies and a guy. Best line friends I’ve made in a while.

A nice older lady walks up with an accent and asks what the line is for. Someone tells her. She holds up her fingers in a pinching action, “You mean the little plastic toy???” It was SO funny. Here we are, a bunch of adults, standing in line for PLASTIC. She kind of shrugged and kept on going. There were the Oh Neat! responses, and the Oh responses, you know, the one that says is that all you have to do with your Saturday? They just don’t get it.

Then there was the mask. For the most part, it wasn’t a big deal. Then this lady who was homeless comes by asking for change, and approaches me, points at me, and threatens to beat me up, not once, but twice. It was very awkward. Beyond that, the only other sad part of the experience was the hike back to the car. It’s embarrassing to say, but my arms were sore for a couple of days after.

So after all that waiting in line, what did I walk away with? The Simpson’s house. I don’t really support the Simpsons, as they’re crass, and we are raising children. However, I have seen the coolest MOCs online, converting it to a modular building. Knowing that the set has been out for a couple of years now, I have a feeling it may be gone sooner than later, so now was my chance. Also, I GOT THE LEGO STORE SET!!!! Not one, but TTTTWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited??? The Papa and I plan on combining them into a grand store. I’ll be sure to post pictures when it’s done. Until then, Happy Building!!

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Store Grand Opening

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