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San Francisco to New York Delivery

San Francisco to New York Delivery

Hey Everyone! Head over to (our bakery website) to learn all about this amazing chance to have our baked goods delivered. You have until April 16th to sign up for a delivery slot, at which point we will assess if there’s enough interest to make the trip happen. A few details to get you started:

Purchase the delivery item. The cost is $0, but what it does is let us know that you’d like a slot on the trip. Don’t forget to check out completely after reading over the details. The order minimum for the trip is $75, books can be included for this. Once the slots are full, we will plot the map, and if you’re not close enough to the route, we’ll let you know and see what we can work out.

Visit for all of the details, and to purchase the free delivery slot item. Have questions? Call our office at 650.200.6953.

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