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LEGO Cafe Corner Scaled MOC by The Allergy Chef

A MOC Copycat

Some time ago, a nice person on the internet shared an LDD file of a 1/4 scale (I think) version of the Cafe Corner modular building. While I do have 2 of the Mini Modular sets that LEGO released several years ago, I don’t have a full sized Cafe Corner. The mini modulars were a nice release in that both the Cafe Corner and Green Grocer were represented. Those make a little town square on my desk, and I have added to it over time as new ones are released. Read More

LEGO Moc Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles by The Allergy Chef

The Kids Keep Telling Me To Share This MOC

Here it is. I planned this for a long time, and I was so cheap, which is why it took me so long. I lamented about having to pay so much for stupid turtle figures on Bricklink. I was so bothered when the sets first came out by how much you’d have to spend to get all four turtles… I do have a Shredder though, and the Master Splinter as a key chain. We have 4 of those…

I had this in my head for a long time, and when we went to Bricks By The Bay a couple of years ago, someone had paintings as tiles. They were quite expensive if you ask me, but knowing that I wanted to make this MOC, and knowing that LEGO has no painting-looking tiles (I checked, a lot) I caved and bought them. They were worth it in the end. Read More

LEGO Moc Rainbow of Cars by The Allergy Chef


A long time ago, we got a little car poly bag, and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to create a whole bunch of them. It took time here and there to collect the pieces, and when I realized that I only had a few more pieces to go, I took to Bricklink to get what I needed. At last, my collection of cars is complete! Read More

LEGO Moc Oger Love by The Allergy Chef

LEGO MOC – Love Is In The Air

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Valentine MOC

Dinner for two.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Valentine MOC

I think she’s going to say yes!


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Valentine MOC

I think they’re going to live happily ever after.


LEGO Moc Gingerbread House by The Allergy Chef

LEGO Review – 40139 Limited Edition Gingerbread House (& MOC)

So, as you can see, I was greedy. I got 2 🙂 I started by following some of the framing instructions. I didn’t want to deviate too far from the original house in that regard, mainly because of the limited number of pieces I was dealing with. From there, I had to add some pieces from our collection. Mainly, I had to being in some 6×8 plates for the base since the original is rounded on all 4 corners. I used the extra rounded ones for the roof. Read More

LEGO Hotdog Suit Guy by The Allergy Chef

LEGO MOC – Fire Up The Grill!

Summer is here and it’s time to grill. As someone that’s severely allergic to corn, we will be using an electric grill, as charcoal contains corn and gas can be corny too. As someone allergic to just about everything else, there’s no way I’ll be eating a hotdog. This is about as close to one as I’ll be getting. Hope your summer is going well! His isn’t…

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review & MOC Grill

Time for lunch!!


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review & MOC Grill

Another shot just because I think I like the lighting better…

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