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Think About Sponges

So, this may not seem like a big deal. If you have a dishwasher, then this may not even apply to you. However, sponges aren’t clean, and they love to hoard allergens. If you live in a house where there are multiple allergies, or even single allergies, you need to designate which sponge will clean which items. Now, this assumes that you haven’t eliminated the allergen from the house all together. There are times when only one person has a dairy allergy, and no one else does. Well, have different sponges, preferably of different colors so people know what’s safe and what’s not. Now, the level of sensitivity will also determine if this step is necessary. In our house, it’s an absolute must.

There are lots of little ways to arrange the kitchen to be more helpful to those with an allergy. Keep a separate pile of dishes for them, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. Also keep a separate dish towel for them to use when in the kitchen.

If you are in an extreme case like our house (the house of allergies as we like to call it) you should invest in separate cookware. For example, we have 2 toaster ovens (we hate microwaves). This allows the people with dairy and gluten issues to steer clear of allergens. We also have separate cookware in my case where my food is prepared in dedicated items.

Each kitchen is different. You will have to assess where you’re at. However, sometimes there’s this nagging symptom that won’t go away, and sometimes it’s from cross-contamination.

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