March, 2012

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Corn free egg free gluten free dairy free chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake

Remember failed chocolate cake? This one was better. To be honest, it still had that strange after taste to it, but, not nearly as pronounced. The Winter 2012 edition of “The Best of Fine Cooking” magazine was a full featured magazine on chocolate. Now, although one of the kids has a chocolate allergy, I don’t. I told him to man up (and I made him something else). Pages 52 and 53 feature a chocolate cake that looks really good. If you only have one allergy, I encourage you to adapt only what you need, and go for it!

In celebration of March 16th (3:16) we made a cross cake. It’s just taken me a while to post it. Here’s what you’ll need: Read More

Corn free egg free gluten free dairy free lime cookies

St. Patrick’s Day Part 3 of 3 – Festive Corn Free Cookies

OK, it’s been a long few days of experimenting with different things. Needless to say, I am happy to have a nice corn free solution for dessert. WARNING: This is a really long post due to several components.

I have say, I started this with the best intentions to have beautiful shamrock cookies. I had it all planned out, there would be icing, colors, and yumminess galore! Too bad the cookies wouldn’t hold their shape. So, here’s what I did:

I started with the cookie dough and pressed it into a mini cake pan (there was parchment paper below to make it easier to release the cookies). Next, I baked it for 8 minutes, and while it was still hot, I pressed the cookie cutter into the cookie to make the shape (to trace later). From there, I made the lime icing, and then tried to pipe it onto the cookies. With the theme of green, lime was the only fruit we could think of that would enhance the flavor and not make it funny (like broccoli or something strange). I shredded the outside (or zest as the pros say) of the lime, and then using a mortar and pestle, I did my best to grind it into a liquid. The problem with that was that the small chunks of lime zest kept getting stuck in the tip.

Now that I’ve shared all of that, I have to say this: These are definitely not something I would make regularly. They’re a lot of work, and we only made 6 of them. If you really want to do this, set aside several hours. In terms of flavor, the lime icing was surprisingly delicious. It also paired well with the chocolate cookie which was neat. Personally, I’ve not been excited about sweets lately, so I only ate a small bit of each flavor. The kids on the other hand gobbled these up. The Papa helped them too. Read More

Organic corn free pasta pesto and bread

St. Patrick’s Day part 2 of 3 – Pesto

So, here’s the idea: start with the Avocado Rice for lunch, then, incorporate this into your dinner. I suspect that you will really enjoy this sauce.

You have to know, I have been dreaming of pesto for some time now, and decided to get brave. I searched quite a bit for a pesto recipe that I could modify, but everything was calling for cheese and nuts (as a dairy free option). I didn’t have nuts on hand, and in all honesty, didn’t like the sound of it. Needless to say, I had to make something up, and well, it was really good. This recipe has such a nice, natural creaminess to it, as if there were a nice cheese in there or something. It’s really exciting actually. Here’s what you’ll need: Read More

Organic avocado and rice

St. Patrick’s Day Part 1 of 3 – Festive Green Rice

This is the first of three special St. Patrick Day ideas. As someone who is part Irish, I have always enjoyed the creative festivities during March. This is an idea that works well as a lunch. It serves two nicely.

Here’s what you’ll need: Read More

Corn free waffle bread

Savory Waffle Bread

OK, remember the waffle bread I posted a while back? Well, as promised, I experimented a bit and have a new version to share with you.

Here’s what you’ll need: Read More

Organic red potatoes quartered and cooked

Quartered Red oh-so-delicious Potatoes

You can mix these in a bag, similar to a shake and bake style, or you can season in the pan directly. I tried it both ways, and in all honesty, I didn’t see a huge difference in the two potatoes.

Preheat your oven to 425

Here’s what you’ll need (per batch): Read More

Failed Not Brownie

Failed Not Brownie

So, I just want to give you a heads up, you know, as “your friend in the kitchen” should…

The kids and I wanted to do something special to celebrate March 4th, (3 x 4 = 12)…

We had these great ideas of cakes, cookies, smoothies, basically, sugar!

So we settled on a trio of things – a white brownie (not brownie) icing, and then a layer of chocolate brownie, and maybe even have some peppermint in there too! So of course, we made the not brownie first. It’s essentially a regular brownie without the chocolate, and a little extra sugar. We mixed it, we baked it, and waited with anticipation. Sadly, it was awful. It tasted like a bad greasy muffin. So remember… DON’T try this at home.

Failed Not Brownie

The “not brownie” batter

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