July, 2015

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LEGO Review S.H.I.E.L.D. Carnage Attack

I love love loved the characters. There seems to be a new (to me) piece that connects Carnage’s tentacles to the post on his back. I can see this piece having a lot of potential in MOCs. As for the rest of the build. eh. The mini S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle is neat, and in my case, I plan on adding it to the Helicarrier, now that I have finally gotten around to building it. Beyond that, I wasn’t too impressed? There are the newer guns on the ship (that were released for the Agents line) and I do like the joint on the front of the ship. The expression on the pilot’s face is priceless. In terms of price, this set is at the sweet spot. 3 characters that are licensed and a vehicle for $12, count me in, anytime. If you have a child under 10, they would LOVE this set. For the rest of us, I think it’s really about the characters. Happy Building!

LEGO Review – 10246 Creator Detective Office

Like many other adult fans, I really like the modular line LEGO has been giving us. Each building has its own style, but still fits in on the block. Although, I have to say that now, I feel like the block is getting a bit crowded…

Building this set was really fun, and very relaxing. As usual, I had to make sure that the word LEGO on the studs were going the same way when ever possible. This of course increased my build time, and not in a good way. I was tired by the end of it, and couldn’t wait to be done. I think I bit off more than I could chew, kind of like with the Helicarrier.

Along the way while building, I made a few minor modifications to meet my aesthetic needs. I reversed some of the bricks so the pattern would look good when you’re looking at it. I did the same thing with the window tile that has the name on it. I felt like it looked better if you could read it from the outside. Although, now that I think about it, maybe LEGO made a mistake on hte instructions for that part. I didn’t like the way the brown lined bricks were set up on the third floor, and changed them so the patterns would be consistent.

The modification I made, then changed: the fists. On the roof, large fists are used as decor, and frankly, it’s SO clever. I always appreciate how set designers can take something and completely change how they use it. The directions had them facing “inside out” so I reversed it for a smooth finish. However, upon seeing my completed work, I wasn’t happy, and tried it the other way. Turns out, their way was much better in this case. The “absence of hand” on the inside is what gives the building a Victorian-like style.

Like all of the other modulars (except for the first one or two ever released), the inside has lots of function, play, and story. I’m not sure what the whole story is, but somehow, cookies are involved.

I really like the hidden door for the cat to go through on the first floor. What was really cool was how it was built without any “special” pieces, rather, clever construction using standard stuff. And the toilet!!! A lot of the little details were just so nice to have. The pool table was great, and I could only wish that the pieces moved, rather than be connected to the table. I can see it going well both ways. The fan over the pool table is so cool. Using the pieces they did was yet another clever use of pieces.

If part harvesting is your thing, THIS is the set. Well, for me it would be. I’m in love with the dark blue (and new dark red too), as well as brick-bricks. You know, the ones that look like real bricks. Although this isn’t my favorite color of the bricks, you get a lot of them, even as 1×4 pieces which is nice.

The barber shop area was a cool build too. The use of a real mirror piece was nice. The only down side, and I feel this way with most of the modulars, is that it seems like there isn’t enough play space? Although, my hand is larger than a child’s, and maybe that’s why I feel a bit cramped.

Overall, I had a good time with this building, and am looking forward to the next one. Seriously.

Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

My favorite pieces from this set.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

Brick-bricks galore!!


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

I could swim in a pool of dark blue and new dark red pieces.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

The office is coming together nicely.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

The toilet I was speaking about.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

Another inside view


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

The street view


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

Can you feel that wonderful breeze?


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

Closeup of the window.


Free and Friendly Foods LEGO Review Detective Building

I like the use of an extra head inside the police officer’s hat so she can hold it.

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