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Collagen Boost Cookbook

Awesome Resource: Collagen Cookbook

As some of you may know, Krysten from is a great family friend. This year she was featured in a cookbook sponsored by Neocell called the Collagen-Boost Cookbook. I’ve seen a rise in the use of collagen online for various health benefits, and depending on your personal health needs, you may find it to be a great addition to your supplement line up. Read More

Getting Garlic in your Gut (Infographic)

When we were touring for the Food Allergy Awareness Expedition, Natural Grocers was all about garlic. It was something they were promoting at most of the stores, and the information was quite helpful. With that in mind, I want to share another cool infographic with you, courtesy of Delicious Living.

Many of you may have noticed that on this blog, we don’t get into health foods, supplements, etc., and that’s done for a reason. No two people are the same. For some people, they have a garlic allergy, while others can benefit from the nutrients found in garlic. Food allergies and intolerances are such a personal thing, and we know it’s important to respect each person’s journey.

If you can have garlic, check out this infographic. Like our dear friend Krysten, from Krysten’s Kitchen, we love to add garlic to recipes. It has an awesome flavor, and added health benefits.

Kyolic Garlic Infographic

Kids and Food Allergies (Infographic)

Hey everyone. I wanted to share this infographic (courtesy of Delicious Living) with you that may be helpful to you. Currently, there are a lot of resources on the internet about kids and food allergies. Some websites you may enjoy are and Also, for those of you that are dealing with kids and 504 plans, Kristin Osbourne runs She is a disability and food allergy advocate, full of awesome information and help.

Kids and Food Allergies

Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Cookbook

Our Latest Cookbook is Now Available!

We are so excited to announce our newest cookbook, The Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Lunch Box is now available. Head on over to the bakery & bookshop website.

Product Review – CoYo Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

I thought it would be good to have the kids try this, even though only one of them is dairy free. The Papa is allergic to coconut, and was unable to weigh in. Here’s what I learned:

Kid Two (dairy allergic and more) – Not his favorite. He prefers the So Delicious yogurt. He wasn’t a fan of the texture.

Kid Three (low/no sugar) – He thought it was OK. Not his favorite when compared to dairy based yogurt, but not bad either.

Kid Four (no allergies) – Gobbled it up. She said that the fruit made it taste “worse” but stand alone, she simply loved it.

Kid Six (no allergies) – She said that it wasn’t bad. It’s much thicker than a traditional yogurt and takes some getting use to. If this is your only option, it’s not bad at all. With added toppings, she could see this being rather tasty.

I personally tried this product once quite some time ago. I’m not allergic to coconut, but was unable to tolerate this product. I only had a spoonful. I won’t give my opinion, as I don’t feel it’s a fair review. This was not a paid or sponsored review. This is the honest opinion from a food allergy family. If you’re a coconut fan, I get the feeling you’d find this to be enjoyable. Just remember, it’s quite thick. I can also see this being a great replacement for coconut milk in a dish, or as part of a cream sauce.

CoYo Product Review by The Allergy Chef

Food Allergy Awareness Expedition

Food Allergy Awareness Expedition

Have you heard about the six week nationwide tour called the Food Allergy Awareness Expedition? We are traveling this summer to help you learn how to cook, bake, and manage living with food allergies. There will be workshops, lots of giveaways, and more.

Help support the project at Kickstarter. Learn more about the tour at

San Francisco to New York Delivery

San Francisco to New York Delivery

Hey Everyone! Head over to (our bakery website) to learn all about this amazing chance to have our baked goods delivered. You have until April 16th to sign up for a delivery slot, at which point we will assess if there’s enough interest to make the trip happen. A few details to get you started:

Purchase the delivery item. The cost is $0, but what it does is let us know that you’d like a slot on the trip. Don’t forget to check out completely after reading over the details. The order minimum for the trip is $75, books can be included for this. Once the slots are full, we will plot the map, and if you’re not close enough to the route, we’ll let you know and see what we can work out.

Visit for all of the details, and to purchase the free delivery slot item. Have questions? Call our office at 650.200.6953.

The Vegan Street Fair was Fantastic!

We got home from VSF yesterday, and what an adventure it was. Ready for a long post?

In the month leading up to the fair, we were simply busy busy every single day. In addition to the VSF items, we updates all three websites, created new flavors, started new consulting projects, and more. However, the final week before the fair was simply crazy. We were working 20 hour days on average, and boy were we tired. Read More

Trip to Pressed Juicery by The Allergy Chef

A Fantastic Trip to Pressed Juicery

Have a dairy allergy? GO TO PRESSED JUICERY


On a clean or Paleo style diet? GO TO PRESSED JUICERY

Allergy Status: Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free, Yeast Free, Refined/Can Sugar Free, Vegan, Paleo, GAPs, Diabetic Friendly, Possibly Corn Free, Low Histamine, SCD Friendly, AIP Friendly, Nut Free Compatible

Before I lunch into the review, first, full disclosure. We were not paid or offered anything in exchange to visit PJ and write the review.

If you have a severe nut allergy, please call them first to make sure you’re comfortable with their handling of allergens. Some flavors do contain nuts. If you are corn free, again, call and make sure you’re happy with the sourcing of ingredients. On the surface, it should be safe, but those of us with a corn allergy know what that’s like. For those of you on a special diet such as SCD or AIP, be sure to get the flavor that’s right for you. For AIP people, coconut is one of the toppings available at the sore. On to the review! Read More

Fried Treats!

Did you happen to catch our post yesterday? You know, victorious and wonderful gluten free, beef free, corn free, corn dogs? Well, we had extra batter, and I was like, hey kids!! What if… They were a bit grossed out by the thought of fried cookies, until they ate them, hehe. Interestingly, no one seemed to mind that there was parsley and pepper in the batter. We did get around to making another version later that was simplified, and added maple sugar for the fun of it. Either way, if you miss carnival food (which I’ve never actually eaten), hopefully this will give you some fun ideas!!

Just a little note. We also tried to try Vegan Mozzarella Cheese by Miokyo’s Kitchen. It was a no go. The cheese kinda over fried and popped hot oil everywhere and we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get the splatter guard on to the pan. We had a good laugh once danger had been adverted.

The fried dough balls are really great. It’s simply a scoop of the batter directly into the hot oil. The cookies are Kinnikinnick Creme Cookies. These do contain soy. We dunked them in the batter and placed them into the hot oil. You can find the batter recipe on the Corn Dog Post.

Free and Friendly Foods Fried Treats

Free and Friendly Foods Fried Treats

Free and Friendly Foods Fried Treats

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