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The Vegan Street Fair was Fantastic!

We got home from VSF yesterday, and what an adventure it was. Ready for a long post?

In the month leading up to the fair, we were simply busy busy every single day. In addition to the VSF items, we updates all three websites, created new flavors, started new consulting projects, and more. However, the final week before the fair was simply crazy. We were working 20 hour days on average, and boy were we tired. Read More

Free and Friendly Foods Paleo Pies

Paleo Pie Experiments

I’m sure you’ve heard of America’s Test Kitchen. I’d like to think we’re going to be that place for people with food allergies one day. With that in mind, we’re always testing out new ideas and flavor combinations, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. Read More

A Little Bit of Shopping

Just wanted to share a few things that I saw recently at the store. I did purchase the cassava sweetener to mess around with it when I have a little extra time. I’m very pleased with the ingredients listed on the Jovial products, but they do contain corn. Since we have other mixes that I’ve put together without corn, we won’t be trying this product; mainly because, well, corn.

We’ve been using the Tiger Nut Flour (NOT a nut, a tuber) for a while now, but the Pamela’s is a new product I hadn’t seen before. I’m hoping someone out there will find this useful because I didn’t purchase it since The Papa has a coconut allergy.

Happy shopping everyone!

Free and Friendly Foods Shopping

Free and Friendly Foods Shopping

Free and Friendly Foods Shopping

Grapes are Growing, and Here are Some Cupcakes

The kids are really excited to see the grapes in our backyard doing so well. It’s nothing short of a miracle considering how bad we all are at gardening. I have to admit, it’s fallen off of my ever-growing list of things to do. These grapes didn’t let our poor treatment stop them from growing, and that’s just way cool. Also, cupcakes, because, well, cupcakes. It’s one of the new things I’m working on for the bakeshop at freeandfriendlyfoods.com.

Free and Friendly Foods Grapes & Cupcakes Free and Friendly Foods Grapes & Cupcakes  image Free and Friendly Foods Grapes & Cupcakes Free and Friendly Foods Grapes & Cupcakes


An App To Share

This was brought to my attention on Instagram, so I want to pass it along in hopes that someone out there can use it. It’s called My Friendly Reminders https://myfriendlyreminders.com/ Essentially, it allows you to create a group of people, and manage who can’t have what. I’ve seen online lately where people without food allergies want to host their friends, but are unsure of where to start etc., and I can see this being a helpful tool. It also helps if you’re planning a larger event.

However, I will say, for those with severe food allergies, I doubt they would feel super safe allowing others to prepare their food just because of the cross contamination problems. Nonetheless, it’s little things like this that can help those with food allergies feel a little more included. Enjoy!

Free and Friendly Foods Cinnamon Rolls

Cupcakes and Cinnamon Rolls

Since I’m the type that tries to keep things honest and upfront, I want to take another moment so share some things that didn’t turn out so well. The items are in the try again pile.

White Cake

I’ve been trying to perfect white cake, and The Papa insists that it’s the perfect corn free cornbread. These are some variations that I tried to make, in an effort to reduce the corn bread taste. It didn’t work. I’m still kind of upset about this. It’s white cake… white cake (that looks yellow). Read More

Win a 12 Pack of Mini Cupcakes (Now Closed)

Our bake shop is having a contest this week via social media. Here’s the link to the details. Good luck!

Free and Friendly Foods Cupcake Contest

Free and Friendly Foods Vegan Macarons

Vegan Macarons

So, a while back I said that I had plans to share this little experiment, so this is me, sharing, because sharing is caring 🙂

I think sometimes it’s easy to go online and look at pretty blogs and think about how easy they must have it because every post is beautiful, and everything looks wonderfully delicious, and the lighting is just right, and there’s a long list of comments, and a million likes on Instagram. Whew. That was a long list. However, the painful reality is that there are so many failed ideas and recipes that simply aren’t shared. Well, I’m sharing one of mine. Read More

Free and Friendly Foods House Party

The Organic House Party was a Ton of Fun

The house party in Montera was great this past weekend. We had the opportunity to meet many new people, who have really great businesses. One of the Hostesses was Petalyn, who has a business called Heart Fueled. The other, Patty, sells Neal’s Yard Organic skin care products. Kid Four was with me, and she even had a facial! Two other ladies who were there were showing off their Tower Gardens and Juice Plus programs.

It was simply good fun, and I look forward to being part of their next event!

Free and Friendly Foods House Party

Allergy Friendly Catering

I was so giddy putting together the photo shoot for this one. We have a new service that we’re very excited about – Allergy Friendly Catering. If you need something for an event, check out freeandfriendlyfoods.com. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Free and Friendly Foods Catering

Free and Friendly Foods Party Table

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