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Changing Things Up

So at this point, I have to change up the style of this blog. When we first set out, I wanted to help people with a corn allergy simply because that’s the hardest to deal with. However, I’ve recently learned that I am officially allergic and intolerant to seriously, just about everything. I was tested for hundreds of foods, and I think there’s a “safe” list of about 30 items. Of those 30, most are contaminated with corn, so I’m down to about 8. We are looking into solutions for not only food, but water too.

What does that have to do with change? Well, I’m always cooking and inventing things in the kitchen, but don’t think to share the recipes because they’re not corn free. Well, it’s time to change that thought process. Truth be told, I’m the only corn free person in the house, and considering I’m starving to death (literally), there wouldn’t be many things to post if it were about corn. So, that’s the change headed your way. I’m going to be sharing a lot more, and hopefully, helping a lot more people. I’ve added a recipe area to the site, and I think a lot of posts are going to be funneled in that direction moving forward. Happy reading!

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