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Jack’s Paleo & Bakeology Cookie Review

Have you heard of New Leaf Grocery? If you live in the SF Bay Area, it’s in Half Moon Bay. It’s a small Mecca for those of us with food allergies. You can find a lot of options there, including Paleo. I purchased these for everyone to try, and here’s what we’ve decided:

Bakeology Sinckerdoodle Cookies

Kid Two says these remind him of sand. They stay together in your hand, but not in your mouth. They don’t have consistent coloring and the flavor can change a bit from cookie to cookie, but they’re not bad. They’re crunchy, and he seems to like them. He didn’t love them though.

Someone else took a bite to have a point of reference. I was told that they seemed a little synthetic. They agreed 100% with Kid Two about the sand. They added that for a snickerdoodle, a softer cookie was preferred.

I’d also like to add that these would make a great cookie pie crust, work as a layer in a cookie bar, or as a topping on ice cream. Bakeology website link.

Free and Friendly Foods Cookie Review

Jack’s Snickerdoodle Cookies

I didn’t like them at all. It was nice that they were soft, but they were soft and moist in a bad way. You know how some cookies need to be left uncovered to do their best? These are those cookies. It’s as if they reabsorbed the moisture in all the wrong ways. The flavor was also off. It mildly tasted of raisin juice, and I personally just didn’t like it. I was however very happy with the ingredients. I felt that they offered a very clean eating type of snack. There are 6g of sugar per serving. Kid Three got to eat some, and he really enjoyed them. He can have them. Here’s a link to Jack’s website.

Jack’s Lemon Zing Cookie

These were much better than the snickerdoodle, but I still didn’t like them. Kid Two and I both just didn’t like this brand all that much. Kid Three, oh he liked them, and they’re now in his snack bin for his lunches.

Overall, if you’re in a pinch, I think these are a good purchase, and they’re not too over priced. There are 4 cookies in each container. I did notice that they fall apart easily, and again, this is because they’d do better uncovered. If you have a Kid Three of your own, someone that needs low/no sugar, these could be a nice treat for them.

One last thought: I LOVE that these are nut free Paleo. I don’t do well with nuts, which is why I do so much Paleo from scratch. It was really nice to get to try something new, even if I didn’t like it.

Free and Friendly Foods Cookie Review

Free and Friendly Foods Cookie Review

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