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LEGO Review – 60032 Arctic Snowmobile

This little set packs a big happy punch. The pieces that stood out the most were the snowmobile “feet.” This is a new piece to me, and I really like that it clips on rather than have a stud connection. I also love the large piece of ice. Not sure why. The best detail of all was the pre-printed slope on the front of the vehicle. I’ve noticed lately that LEGO is hit or miss with the stickers, and I was dreading this one. I hate stickers. You know how it is. You eye-ball it, start, then hesitate, start again, and so forth. Then when you finally think it’s right, you notice it’s forever slightly tilted. And don’t get me started on the transparent stickers that retain your fingerprints and look stupid…

I digress. The set is cute and really hits the spot. I was able to put it together in a few minutes, however, I could see a little kiddo having a good time with this one. There’s also a lot of play-ability with this set.

Happy building!!

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