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LEGO Review – 70812 LEGO Movie Creative Ambush

I have a confession to make. I hate most of the LEGO Movie sets. When they first came out, before I saw the movie, I thought they were the most hideous, useless, joke of line of sets I’d ever seen. There were no gorgeous finished, polished looking sets to choose from. I actually thought LEGO was losing its edge.

Then I saw the movie, and my outlook changed, a bit. Not too much, but enough for me to know that I really wanted the Unikitty figures. Oh, and I HAD to have a Benny.

This set had neither a Benny or Kitty, but Bob’s Kebabs… I happened to see several people online modifying their kebab truck into cool food truck looking creations. In addition to the pieces, I knew I wanted this one. The most disappointing thing however was learning that most of the cool pieces I really wanted were sticker based, and, the stickers were missing from my box and LEGO was so awesome to send me a new one quickly.

The build was eh. Nothing special. The stickers were eh. Would have rather had them pre-printed. The fact that I haven’t had time to modify my creation into something cool, eh. What can I say but eh. Overall, this is in no way one of my more favorite sets. And yes, I accept the fact that I am a Lord Business.

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