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Pineapple Chicken Pizza

Free and Friendly Foods Allergy Friendly Pizza

Did you know we’re working on a pizza book? With that in mind, the poor kids have to eat homemade pizza creations on a regular basis. I know right? This is one that I thought may not be as great as I had dreamed up, but then they told me it was really good. I’ll probably make some more tweaks to it before I deem it book ready. You should give this a go if you’d like to have something different.

Allergy Status: Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Refined Sugar Free, Diabetic Friendly

2 Organic Chicken Breasts, cubed
1 bunch Organic Green Onion
1/2 Organic Pineapple, cut into small pieces
2 TBSP Organic Maple Sugar
1 tsp Sea Salt
3 tsp Organic Smoked Paprika

Cook everything in a large non-stick together for 10 minutes. Use a topping for pizza, and bake as you normally would. We used a Wholly Wholesome Gluten Free Pizza Dough, and a red sauce that I keep in the fridge for pizza. Enjoy!!

Free and Friendly Foods Allergy Friendly Pizza

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2 thoughts on “Pineapple Chicken Pizza

    1. Hi Ana,

      Glad you like the recipe. We like to keep a red sauce blend in the fridge ready to go. I also like making Lazy Sauce.

      Lazy Sauce: 1 can tomato paste, seasonings of choice. Spread the paste on your pizza dough, then top with seasonings such as sea salt, parsley, onion, garlic, maple sugar.

      Premade Fridge Sauce
      24 ounces Organic Strained/Tomato Sauce
      42 ounces Organic Tomato Paste
      7 TBSP Organic Sweetener
      5 tsp Sea Salt
      3 tsp Organic Onion Granules
      4 tsp Organic All Purpose Seasoning (Simply Organic brand, green, no paprika)
      1 tsp Organic Garlic Granules

      This is really just a launch pad. Lately, I make a lot of lazy sauce so we can experiment with different seasonings, such as maple paprika, or caramelized onion pizzas.

      Happy cooking!

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