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Simple Mills Paleo Cheddar Cracker Review

Once again, this was another product that I didn’t think to buy, until I remembered that I’m The Alergy Chef, and you guys need to know what tastes good. Hehe. Yes, I know, it’s silly to forget who I am. Full disclosure  – we weren’t given this product or paid for this honest review. I bought these at the store, like a normal person.

So, only some people in the house were able to sample and review these for you. Let’s start with Kid Three, mister low/no sugar. I tried to make this uper official for him. He started by opening the bag and said “Mmm. They smell interesting.” He then took a closer sniff, then licked one. He says they don’t taste like anything when you lick them. Kid Two chimed in and said they look like wheat thins.

Then there was the first bite. Kid Three reported that they were pretty crunchy like wheat thins, but that they taste kinda funny. “They taste like they’re a little burnt. If I were to compare these to Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies, I’d pick those, because I like them better. I don’t really like these.” WOAH. I was shocked. I thought for sure he would love these because he loves crackers, and he loves cheese. It’s a good thing I kinda didn’t believe him…

When the others got home, I had someone else try, and they instantly said that they taste good, like a cheese-it, but different. Then The Papa tried one, and said, “I don’t know why Kid Three doesn’t like them. They taste good.” So get this! Kid Three is watching the whole thing go down, and says he should try again, and that he likes them this time.

I’m sure it was the peer pressure that got to Kid Three. However, The Papa liked them, and the other person (who likes processed food) enjoyed them too. That, to me, is the sign of a great product. When people who are use to overly processed foods give you the thumbs up, you’ve done well.

If I could personally eat these, I’m sure I’d agree with The Papa. Here’s what I like: when they’re on sale, it’s a good price. It’s Paleo, which is way cool. It’s a cracker!! That’s Paleo!!! That gives it a huge thumbs up in my book. The ingredients aren’t trashy, and there are only a few of them in the first place. As a brand, I’ve been pleased with what Simple Mills is trying to accomplish. I truly look forward to seeing the demand increase, so that hopefully the price can go down a bit. The next time you’re at the store, give them a try. They come in other flavors too.

Free and Friendly Foods Simple Mills Review

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