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The Vegan Street Fair was Fantastic!

We got home from VSF yesterday, and what an adventure it was. Ready for a long post?

In the month leading up to the fair, we were simply busy busy every single day. In addition to the VSF items, we updates all three websites, created new flavors, started new consulting projects, and more. However, the final week before the fair was simply crazy. We were working 20 hour days on average, and boy were we tired.

Saturday, we were supposed to leave at 11am. I think we left at four? So much for planning. Karlton was amazing though. He rigged a system in his van that allowed us to put the island freezer right into it, and run it off of battery power the whole time. It meant that we never had to worry about the goods thawing too soon, or having cake shots fall apart because they were transported on their sides. Meanwhile, I had two kids and the deliveries in my car. we started with a trip to Whole Foods because the kids were hungry. I sent them in with the card, and said I would take a little nap. I think it was two hours later when I woke up… Remember those 20 our days? They caught up with me big time. So we head out, and made it across 92, through Hayward, and on to somewhere else. However, guess who was so tired they had to take a nap? That would be me. This continued until I finally made it to the first delivery sometime around 11:30pm… It’s a great thing we have such caring and understanding customers. Everyone was happy to have me leave packages of sweets at their door, and wished me safe travels.

So after making deliveries in one area, we head out to the next major city, annnnnd nap time. You guessed it. Then, GET THIS. I fall asleep at a gas station because I simply can’t go another mile. Sometime around 6am, there’s a tapping at the window, and the attendant says “Yall gon haf to leave here now cuz my boss is gonna have you towed.” I was so apologetic and got moving. She said she was nice, but the boss wasn’t, and wished us well. At that point, we had to push off deliveries (that were 24 hours behind schedule) until after the fair. There was simply no way I’d have the energy to keep going all the way south, then back up and be on my A-Game.

The kids and I arrived at the fair, after searching for the entrance. They had a huge amount of the street closed off. Karlton and Kid Three had already done so much of the set up. So Kid Three went to take a nap, and the rest of kept working. There were a lot of little things that I was frustrated about with myself because it didn’t work out, or it wasn’t ready in time. In the end, we learned A LOT of valuable lessons, and made a lot of notes on better ways to spend our time.

Some Highlights and favorite moments:

I met an aspiring chef: One of the ladies had a son who wanted to know if I offered cooking classes. We do. He was so ecstatic because when he grows up, he wants to be a chef. He looked to be about 8.

I only met a few food allergy folks: A couple were allergic to coconut, one to avocado, and three no sugar shoppers. They were the most surprised that I had something for them.

I met more deaf people: At the Maker Faire last year, we met a deaf couple, and it was great because Rachelle was there, and she knows ASL. She was able to translate, but the couple and I had a special connection. This time around, there was no translator. When the approached, we both had a good laugh because they couldn’t read my lips, and I don’t know ASL. I can hobble through the ABCs. One seemed to be an assistant, like Rachelle, in that she could translate a little. So I thought I’d let Karlton handle the order since they would be able to read his lips. Instead, they asked him to have me come back. They wanted me to take the order. I loved every moment, and I hope they did too. There’s something so special and epic about a bunch of people with different disabilities getting together and making something delicious happen. They really enjoyed their cupcakes.

We had several repeat customers: Karlton loves repeats at big events the most. They have so many options, but they came back to us for more.

Everyone loved the cupcakes: Seriously, everyone LOVED them. It was really cool to hear the comments “oh my goodness… this is delicious!”

We met Those Annoying Vegans. No really, that’s what they call themselves. We had such a great laugh with them. They have a really cool YouTube Channel if you’re ever interested in learning more about the Vegan diet. They have a cool video on making gummy bears.

Looking back, it’s such a blur now, and by the end of the day, we were WIPED out. We could barely think straight to process orders. We didn’t win best of, which was really a bummer. I didn’t know that it was the judge that came to get the samples, I thought it was a “random” media person. Next time… next time… I did get interviewed by her though, and she posted it on her Instagram story.

The nice thing was that in all of the day, we only had a couple of rude mask commenting people. One guy was just loud and rude, and then another lady joined in. It was SO annoying. By that time in the day, the microphone was dead, and truthfully, I didn’t have the energy to say anything. People will be people. I won’t let those two ruin the awesome time that we had.

The more people got to know us, the more they appreciated our mission. We were thanked time and again for what we do, and how we’re trying to make the world a better place. I may not always agree with the Vegan lifestyle, as I do consume meat when I can, however, I love what their principles are. They don’t believe in animal cruelty, and so many want to improve our environmental conditions. There’s another fair coming up in June, in New York. We’re thinking about going…

For now, it’s back to recipe development for the blog, and finishing our next cookbook, Everyday Meals volume two. 🙂

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