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Traveling With Food Allergies, part 3

Free and Friendly Foods Traveling With Food Allergies

Is it sad that I made a part three of this series mainly so I could go on and on about the Lego Store? Probably, but! This is called Food AND LEGO 🙂 This is part three, and the final installation of the Traveling With Food Allergies series. Have you been able to travel successfully? Tell us about it. We’re always looking for new ideas.

Before I get to LEGO, here are some final thoughts about the trip overall, and some things that I would change, or can suggest, or need to over-suggest.

Part 1  |  Part 2

  • Plan your space wisely. You cooler or RV fridge will only hold so much.
  • If you have more than one child, label everything so they won’t have to ask you to help each time. Remember, it’s your vacation too.
  • Make sure you take everyone’s favorite meals. It will make them less likely to resent their food allergy or special diet.
  • Take everything in disposable containers so you don’t feel the need to keep and clean later.
  • Plan to stretch. Don’t be like me and drive without taking a moment to enjoy it.
  • Have good music and books loaded to play. Vocab words work well too.
  • Play little games when it gets boring. I’m not huge on electronics with the kids, so we would play 20 Questions over the phone between the two vehicles.
  • Stop at Whole Foods and buy a treat here and there if you can.
  • Plan ahead for all of the what-if scenarios. What if there’s cross contamination. Do yo have the meds ready?
  • Call ahead, and always double check. Even though Disney (and many other places)  has a great reputation, always be sure everyone is on the same page. In our case, they weren’t, and I was unable to stay.
  • Take extra books. We didn’t have enough books for the kids to read on the road. My bad.
  • Have your kids write and draw. I had them make a top 10 list of things to see and do, as well as draw and doodle.
  • Gratitude. Make sure everyone stays thankful. If it’s just you, no big deal. With kids, make sure they remember to thank everyone who serves them, and that includes you, the driver.
  • Use the Fast Pass.
  • At Disney, whenever possible, use the single rider line, if your kids are old enough.
  • The RV Park and Disney shuttle were really great for us.
  • If you’re weak like me in general, be sure to rent a motorized scooter. If you get it from the hotel, you can take the scooter out of the park. If you rent at the park when you get there, it has to stay there when you leave. For us, it was better that I could have it in and out of the park.
  • Take a sunbrella with you. I would have given half of my pinky toe to have one.
  • Plan to see several major attractions in any area you visit.
  • Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pictures to remember the good times.

On to LEGOLAND!!! The place I didn’t get to see. Instead, we saw the Lego Store at Disney, and of course, it had to have a special post of its own (sort of) so we could all oohhuuu and ahhh over it. Too bad they’re all night pictures… The kids had the phone and all I had was my regular Blackberry (which I love to death), and I don’t think anyone wants to see pictures from a phone that’s seven years old.

Before we get to the pictures, I have to say, I was totally let down by the LEGO store. First off, there were no special pins. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you know about the collectable pins that Disney is making a mint off of. Us poor collectors are willing to spend way too much on these silly things. And don’t get me started on the deal on saw on Craigslist when we got home, or the fact that there wasn’t anything decent worth trading for.  Anywho, I was expecting to have something special at the LEGO store, and there were none.

Secondly, there wasn’t anything all that special about this LEGO store. Don’t get me wrong. Having all of the huge sculptures was way cool, and they are SOOO well done, especially the flying magic carpet. However, there weren’t any special sets or limited edition items, etc. At least I knew going in that it would be that way (I’ve read things on the interwebs). Noooowwwww we can look at the pictures.

Free and Friendly Foods Traveling With Food Allergies - The LEGO Store

Free and Friendly Foods Traveling With Food Allergies - The LEGO Store

Free and Friendly Foods Traveling With Food Allergies - The LEGO Store

Free and Friendly Foods Traveling With Food Allergies - The LEGO Store

Free and Friendly Foods Traveling With Food Allergies - The LEGO Store

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